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The Happy Bear

The Happy Bear

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37" x 49"
Framed: 52" x 64"

Everything in this dynamic image works – the light, the shape of the bear and most of all, his facial expression. At this one moment in time, he looks so happy just being a bear. And so he should – the water is bursting with salmon and on this stretch of the creek he is “The Don”. His prime position will be unchallenged and he can eat as much as he likes for as long as he likes – on my watch, that worked out at about 30 /40 salmon a day.

I needed to lie in the river to take this image – my camera had to be as close to the water as possible. My waders were invaded at chest level and I returned to the bank absolutely drenched. It is part of the job I guess – no photographer should really return to base camp dry and clean after an intense day in the field. I maybe take this dynamic to uncomfortable levels, but it makes the evening shower and debriefing drink that much more satisfying. This is not a job for precious people.

David Yarrow

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