The Vision Behind Sorrel Sky

Shanan Campbell

Shanan Campbell is a creative and fearless entrepreneur. After traveling extensively for the Franklin Mint as an art scout, and working for the Smithsonian Institution in product development and licensing, she opened her first gallery in Durango, Colorado in 2002. A mom with one and three year old sons, she used her life savings, and leaped to follow her lifelong dream. A dream that began when she was just a child in her father’s studio and playing under tables at art fairs and exhibits around the country. Art has always been prominent in her life.
Once established and moving toward sustainability, Sorrel Sky Gallery secured exclusive representation of Ben Nighthorse jewelry. And she continually pursues artists who have long inspired her, bringing them into the fold at Sorrel Sky, representing them with passion and a finely honed acumen for art and business as well as a “Let’s make that happen” approach to everything.
Expanding on her vision, Shanan quickly established Shanan Campbell Art Consulting to build corporate art collections to reflect the mission, personality, culture and core values of a business and the soul of a company.
Shanan works directly with a select client list as their private fine art acquisition advisor. Click on the button below to learn more.