The Vision Behind Sorrel Sky

Shanan Campbell

For over two decades, Shanan Campbell has been the driving force behind Sorrel Sky Gallery. However, her love of art started well before that. Growing up in the art world with a father as an artist, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, she quickly realized that her true passion and love in the art world is the business of art. Her impressive career includes working for the Smithsonian in product development and licensing; scouting art in eight western states for the Franklin Mint; owning and managing multiple successful galleries; placing millions of square feet of art in public and private collections as an art consultant. She is also the mother of two beautiful grown sons, Luke and Saylor Longfellow.

Sorrel Sky was established in 2002 with the mission to provide personalized client services, maintain a progressive business model, and establish meaningful connections between the artists it represents and the clients it serves. In 2014, she opened Sorrel Sky Santa Fe and is currently exploring opening a third gallery in Denver. Shanan continues to pursue artists who have long inspired her, including them in the success and forward momentum of Sorrel Sky. Shanan and her amazing Sorrel Sky team of art advisors represent artists with passion and a finely honed acumen for art and business as well as a “Let’s make that happen” attitude.

Through her firm, Shanan Campbell Art Consulting, she and her art consulting team create bespoke art collections for private clients, as well as corporations of all sizes. These collections reflect the mission, personality, culture, and core values of a business, and its connection to its community.

Shanan collaborates directly with private select clients as their private fine art acquisition advisor.

Shanan also offers live courses and training programs that give those in the fine art world the edge needed to start and maintain a journey to success.