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The Unusual Suspects II

The Unusual Suspects II

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Montana, USA - 2019


Large – 56” x 93” Unframed, 71 x 108” Framed – Edition of 20

Standard – 37” x 61” Unframed, 52 x 76” Framed – Edition of 20

In January 2019, I revisited an old saloon, high in the mountains of western Montana. The Pioneer Bar embodies everything I look for in a final frontier setting and I know my angles and my light here. That day there were some of the usual suspects at the bar and then a rather unusual one in Cindy Crawford.

I took an important photograph that day which we consequently called The Unusual Suspects and it became coveted. The cinematic image has now sold out and in so doing, raised over $750,000 for the University of Wisconsin’s Pediatric Cancer Care hospital in Madison; an acclaimed institution long supported by Cindy. It has been my best-selling image of the last two years and I understand why it resonates with so many collectors. The rich “wild west” characters speak for themselves and every face is the right face. For those that own a bad ass bar, this is the badass picture to adorn the wall. Indeed, the photograph adorns my own American style bar back in the UK.

In ten days’ time, Cindy and I will be in the Midwest hosting a series of fund-raising events in Madison and Chicago. To build momentum into the weekend, we are today releasing a second image taken one fifth of a second earlier in that bar. The wolf is one step back from the original but his head is right within the tiny focal plane. We have been holding off for the right occasion to release this and now is the time.
There are no other shots that worked that day; it is just such a difficult concept to pull off as the focus is everything and there is no margin for error.

We hope that this picture will raise another $750,000 over time for a great cause. We know there are buyers already.

~ David Yarrow

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