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A.P. Hill and His Red Battle Shirt

A.P. Hill and His Red Battle Shirt

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Original Acrylic - 60x48 

Ambrose Powell Hill (1825 - 1865) Born in Culpepper, Virginia, Hill graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1847 (ranked 15th out of his class of 38). He would see action in both the Seminole War and the Mexican War. According to his wishes, he was buried "standing up"; his body rests beneath the monument to his memory in Richmond, VA. Hill's wife, Kitty, made him red calico hunting shirts which he wore into battle (very similar to Caesar wearing red robes into his battles). “I have always been fascinated by that because one would think that a soldier would do ANYTHING to avoid drawing attention to himself.....but not A.P. Hill.”

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