“An accomplished piece of jewelry is imbued with a charm that fascinates and inspires the beholder. For us, the entire creative process, starting from the moment of opting for a new material via designing the gemstone cuts to the first finished piece, is always exciting and enthralling." –Bernd Wolf.

From Germany’s Black Forest, Bernd Wolf and his wife, Yvonne, design jewelry collections that reflect the spirit of our times. Using a minimalist language and a synergistic philosophy, the Wolf collections marry high-quality cut gemstones and uniquely textured precious metals with the symbolism of form and material. Diamond, carnelian, kyanite, onyx, pearls, smoky quartz, black spinel, turquoise and sponge coral in combination with sterling silver and 24k gold plating offer pleasing and sophisticated yet simple and distinctive designs.

With a background in engineering, Wolf attends to every technical detail of his work and finds particular satisfaction in utilizing symbolism in his vocabulary of forms. Each gem plays an important role for Wolf while designing his pieces as each gem has a specific purpose and affect on the individual wearer. It is this synergy of material and form that makes each piece unique and tells its own little story.

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