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Empty Pockets Saloon

Empty Pockets Saloon

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Holbrook, Arizona, 2022


53” x 103” Unframed 68” x 118” Framed Edition of 12


35” x 68” Unframed 50” x 83” Framed Edition of 12


What a great name for a dive bar saddling a stretch of Route 66 in Arizona. As soon as I was shown the facade, I knew there was a photograph to be had; especially at night when we could make full use of the neon lights in the windows.

The name of the saloon gave me as much scope as I needed in the narrative - the winners were clearly the ones leaving, not the patrons inside. There was just enough light to freeze the passengers, but never enough to freeze the money - but that kind of worked for me.

The town of Holbrook has a few Route 66 gems and this bar is one. Do not expect America’s finest cuisine if you happen to overnight there. But no one is going to Holbrook for that sort of experience.

~ David Yarrow

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