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Fabric Of Life “Spring”

Fabric Of Life “Spring”

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"Fabric of Life" Suite. The suite consists of four sculptures that reflect the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each represents a stage in the creation of a wool weaving. . . . from the raising of the sheep to the blanket's use. Interwoven is the life of a Navajo woman, going from child, mother, grandmother and finally elder, I will call her Nizhoni. "Spring" In this first sculpture Nizhoni learns to care for and nurture the sheep and their lambs. From this responsibility comes an understanding of the rhythms of nature. Even today Navajo children raised in the cities are often returned to the reservation to live with and learn from the grandparents for a period of time. Having the experience of their traditional old ways that are the backbone of their culture can give them a strong foundation for life. Tending sheep is a valuable chore to the family that is part of this education. This is the beginning of the young girl's life, as it is the necessary beginning stage of the creation of the wool for weaving.

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