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South Africa - 2022

Large – 56” x 61” Unframed,
71” x 76” Framed – Edition of 12

Standard -SOLD OUT

This is the one black panther with whom I have a chance to take an immersive head on shot. I have access through my relationship with The Lion Whisperer - Kevin Richardson.

I am was in a heavy metal cage to take this image and lying on a bed of mud. My camera was already filthy and in the seconds after this photograph was taken, it was covered in splash water. This all happened before 6.30 am and I was home and in a hot shower before breakfast.

It is all about going the extra mile and doing all one can to be below the eyes of the cat and be in place before the sun gets too high. The rest is down to luck and a small bit of experience working in sports photography. I say that as black panthers move quicker than any athlete I have filmed.

~ David Yarrow

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