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Meet the Fockers

Meet the Fockers

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56” x 84”
Framed:  71” x 99”
37” x 56”
Framed:  52” x 71”
Texas, 2020

I have been fortunate to travel around much of the world taking photographs - but I don’t think I have found a better backdrop to stage a shoot than this remote outpost on the Mexican border in Big Bend Ranch State Park. It was a hell of a drive from the team’s base in Marfa and securing permits was challenging, but I knew it would be worthwhile - the building and the mountains behind were just so good. They play effortlessly into the lore of the Wild West. Better still, the area is called Contraband Creek.

The nearest town of note is the bizarre art community of Terlingua. It is difficult to imagine the circumstances that led to people living around here unless they were in a witness protection programme or cooking crystal meth. It’s a sketchy place that would look at home in a Mad Max movie, not mainstream Texas.

It was clear that whatever I did with this gift of a canvas, the concept had to be badass and mean. Josie Canseco - the Victoria’s Secret girl - was perfect for the lead role as she can look badass and still retain her femininity and sexuality. My instincts were that my camera lens should be encroaching upon a place of outlaws and that the underlying narrative should major on the dangers of trespassing.

There could be no happy ending for the trespasser here.

David Yarrow

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