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On The Alert - Mini

On The Alert - Mini

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5" x 3.5" x 3" Edition of 50

Here is our great American lion (Mountain Lion, Cougar, Puma), interrupted mid-stride by some slight noise or flash of movement which demands his immediate attention. Ever "on the alert", this magnificent predator doesn't miss much that goes on in his immediate vicinity. It could mean his survival, or at least his next meal.

This miniature sculpture was the maquette for the table-top size "On The Alert" which is sold out, but when I decided to cast it this size, I added the stylized rocks to be included in the bronze rather than using a separate base of another material like I did for the larger one and, of course, for the over-life-size version. I did this at the "Quick Draw" event of the Western Rendezvous of Art in 2005.

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