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Sacred Bull

Sacred Bull

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I have always had a particular interest in the power of ancient artifacts and what the mysteries are that they show us of our ancestors, and so have been drawn to recreating them in my sculpture. I find that doing these bring me a deeper understanding of what is they can tell us. Since the very origins of human consciousness, there is evidence that humans understood future, and sought to influence it to improve their survival. Using animal helping spirits to carry prayers and messages to the highest power is a practice found in every culture throughout the world and throughout time. With this body of work, I wanted to expand on the series I began years ago of sculpturally recreating ancient drawings, paintings and petroglyphs. These works include artifact influences from cultures worldwide and from different periods of time, because they show how pervasive and consistent this practice was from all corners of the globe. These animals taken from a variety of historical artifacts, are sculpted to reference their origin, but to have them to appear to be coming alive, animated from the dormant stance they have been in for centuries….answering a kind of summoning. Hearing the call from the shaman, they are beginning to move. Edition size 50 Price $ 6000.00 Size 24 x 22 x 12 Weight 57 lbs.

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