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The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog

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The Rocky Mountains - 2022
Large – 47” x 103” Unframed, 62” x 118” Framed – Edition of 12

Standard - 31” x 68” Unframed, 46” x 83” Framed - Edition of 12

This winter photograph is all the better for the cinematic crop. It gives context and allows me to capture as much falling snow as possible. A long and heavy snowfall was just coming to its end and I was knee deep at the time. A bit like the image Bearish from last summer of the mother bear in the rain, it is the snowfall that really lifts this portrait.

These are not easy images to get, and when the opportunity comes, the key part of the craft is to be acutely sensitive to the need for the eyes to be razor sharp. The most telling part of the photograph is the eyes and what they convey; as with humans, they are the window to the soul.

~ David Yarrow

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