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Wide Ruin Style 35" x 78" - C007107

Wide Ruin Style 35" x 78" - C007107

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Navajo Weaving - Wide Ruin, C007107 - $3,600.00

Wide Ruin Style Navajo Rug. 

Woven by Rose Curley.
Measures 35 by 78 Inches. 
Wide Ruins Navajo rugs are known for the banded style and vegetal dyed yarns. This weaving was woven by Rose Curly in the 1960s.  The Wide Ruin Trading Post was where the beginnings of banded rugs that were created with the soft earth tones of vegetal dying all began in the 1940s.  This textile measures close to 3 by 6.5 feet. The condition is great, no fading and all selvedge is in tact. 

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