Collection: Patricia Griffin

"My goal is to captivate the viewer in a moment of presence, inviting them into a timeless space through the illusion of color." — Patricia Griffin

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Patricia Griffin has been a professional artist since 1990. A skilled teacher and photographer, she has designed her life to allow her to explore the natural world with her camera, and to share its incredible beauty through her paintings.

Painting from experiences, Patricia spends countless hours in the field photographing and observing her subjects. Combining first-hand encounters with color theory, she is able to share the moment. The sensations captured are everything from a playful moment of bear cubs wrestling to the split second that you hold your breath and lock eyes with an enormous bull moose. 

Incredibly well-versed in color relationships, Patricia skillfully manipulates cool colors against warmth and light against dark to form the lines, shadows, and expressions of her subjects. This color juxtaposition is a studied phenomenon. Isolated, the colors are individual, but the optical mixing of colors with distance creates unique optical effects. A transformation occurs and the color complexity that is created brings a greater luminosity and life, distinct to Patricia’s paintings.

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