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37” x 50”
Framed:  52” x 65”
West Texas, 2021
In the 16th century, the Apache migrated south to the Texas Panhandle from what is now Canada. There they eventually encountered Mexicans; Western settlers and of course the Comanche - the most feared of the Native American tribes. The Apache wars with the US army spanned three decades of the 19th century, but it was ultimately the Comanche who pushed them further south towards the border with Mexico. Consequentially, the Apache settled the furthest south of all the Native American tribes.

In my search for the setting for this portrait, I looked for features that would readily locate the elder and his horse. There needed to be a sense of place to lend weight to the narrative. We found this escarpment rising above cactus rich scrubland only about 40 miles north of the Rio Grande in West Texas.

The photograph was taken just a few minutes after sunrise. Out there in South West Texas the light can get a little too harsh before most folk are out of bed. As it was, we were back home by 10 am.

We want to thank our new friend Mo Brings Plenty for his help in this project.
~ David Yarrow


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