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Call Of the Caribou

Call Of the Caribou

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In rock graphics depicted by Stone Age Man we find a legacy, which belongs to all mankind. They are found virtually on every continent. Some experts believe the animal imagery was done as a way of establishing a supernatural connection with the game early man hunted for his survival.Most of the animal forms painted on cave walls during the Ice Age are believed to be iconographic, with mythological implications. Once in a while, however, an image will appear that is so powerful it would seem to represent a force of nature, and at the same time is rendered with such personality that it might also be the portrait of an individual.?There is a rather simple line drawing of a caribou head, neck, and crazy antlers that is in the extensive caverns at Lascaux. It has always been one of my favorite drawings from that period, so I decided to expand on the image by completing the body three dimensionally, and having it bursting from the rock, coming to vibrant life. Bronze, 29 x 15.25 x 1.75"Edition of 35 Display steel stand available for $2400

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