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Contemporary Painting/Ant People

Contemporary Painting/Ant People

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3-dimensional multi-media painting.  

12" H X 36"W X 1.5" D

“I don’t paint to impress. Painting lets me express my inner feelings. Each is like a dream I’ve had my whole life that appears on the canvas.” - Robert Rivera

Ever eager to experiment with new materials and new ideas, Rivera has been painting a new series of works. “It took a long time to get to the point where I wanted to try something new. Multi-media lets me express myself on more levels, in new ways with new ideas… it matches my ‘detail-itis’.”

At his best when he’s improvising and not “overthinking,” Rivera uses a wide variety of adornments in his paintings. Turquoise, gemstones, small painted ‘jewel’ gourds, and fabric with a range of colors, textures, and patterns can all be found on a canvas. At times he antiques the canvas, giving the surface an aged, crackled look. He finds inspiration in the Hopi stories of the Ant People, the resilience and survival of the buffalo, and the very adornments themselves. 

“For me it’s spiritual, there’s more to it than just a painting. I have to let go and see what develops … it’s like opening a door to something new. My work often surprises me … these might be the only pieces I do like this. We’ll see!”

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