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Photograph, Edition of 10, 42" x 42"

This was a young Palomino Lusitano stallion I photographed at a private farm in Portugal. It was raining when we arrived, so shooting outside was out of the question. We went into a very dark, small indoor arena. At first, I thought it would be impossible but then realized that there was one small spot with the light coming in through a small door that could work. As the stallion ran around the arena, I only photographed him when he passed through this one small spot, where the light reflected beautifully off his golden body.

“I feel my work is an homage to the equine spirit and to the archetypal role they play in our lives. This is why I always photograph them without riders, saddles, bits, bridles or any other device that would interfere with their pure essence.” - Tony Stromberg

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