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Good Scratch

Good Scratch

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In rock graphics depicted by Stone Age Man we find a legacy, which belongs to all mankind. They are found virtually on every continent. Some experts believe the animal imagery was done as a way of establishing a supernatural connection with the game early man hunted for his survival. There is timeless quality to much rock art that comes, in part, from the aesthetic sensibilities that created it. Many of the designs have a sophisticated sense of style and subtlety. Even with their archaic means and simplicity they often have a look that is modern yet primitive... and seems to emit an echo that resounds in our subconscious. The caves of Lascaux, Font-du Gaume and Altamire comprises some of the oldest and most beautiful sketched imagery in human history. European authorities at first refused to believe that primitive hands could have rendered such artistry. What impresses most is the reverence for the animals that comes through these renderings. These rock art sculptures are a tribute to those hands in three dimension. One on the main characters found in Paleolithic "picture Caves" are wooly ponies - grouped in ways that see to have a special mystical function, and rendered with a fluency and grace of line that make them as alive as their counterparts in the light-world. Edition of 50. 5 x 8 x 2

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