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High Noon

High Noon

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56” x 84”
Framed:  71” x 99”
37” x 56”
Framed:  52” x 71”
Wyoming 2021
Mount Moran in the Tetons offers as good a mountain backdrop as I know in America. In the winter, in particular, it has a grandeur that is difficult to match.

The lake below this section of the Tetons is frozen thick in midwinter and offers the perfect stage on which to tell stories, but we are always mindful that on a good day, the whole scene become too bright within 45 minutes of sunrise. Images like this require very early starts and we are always in position well before dawn.

The Native Americans were introduced to horses by early Spanish immigrants and they adapted quickly to the optionality and mobility given to them by horses. The Comanche in the south became a feared and dominant tribe largely because of their horsemanship skills.

This frame - taken on a very cold morning in Wyoming - simply pays homage to a tested partnership that played a material role in shaping 19th century American history.
~ David Yarrow

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