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I am Pure Alpha

I am Pure Alpha

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56" x 76"
Framed:  71" x 91"

This is my classic style. The camera is below the wolf’s eyes, the background is clean and without tension points and the wolf’s eyes are pin sharp. The beauty is in the uncluttered simplicity of the image. The limited depth of field allows the subject to pop and give the viewer no cause to be distracted. Less can be more when the objective is portraiture rather than storytelling or decisive moment photography.

Intuitively a portrait of a beautiful wolf should follow the same principles of glamour photography because the wolf is such a glamorous animal and that attribute must be emphasised above all others.

The clarity of this image – given the limited available light – would not have been possible a few years ago. I think it offers an insight into the animal’s soul.

He is simply being an alpha wolf. On point, intelligent and poised.

David Yarrow

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