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As this year’s US Masters looms closer, it was an honour to work with legendary golfers Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player last weekend in Florida. I wanted to tell a story away from the golf course and my leaning was to film them reminiscing about past encounters over an evening cocktail.

The more dimly lit the cocktail bar, the better the Casablanca vibe within the room, but the less depth of field I would have. However, all that really mattered was that Jack and Gary’s eyes were sharp. Both men readily engaged in banter that comes from a long and cherished friendship; it was as if I were not there. They truly celebrate life and are now dedicated to giving back to those less fortunate.

Jack Nicklaus won 18 Majors - an achievement I doubt will be surpassed. It is no accident that his cards are a Jack and an eight. Gary is not showing his hand but we all know that he can’t beat that. He was a nine in total.

This image was shown last night at the Gary and Vivienne Player Foundation event in Jupiter, Florida and I am delighted that my work raised over $100,000 for Amanda Player’s extraordinary efforts to help the homeless in her home city of Philadelphia.

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