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It Was The Whiskey Talking

It Was The Whiskey Talking

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Montana, USA - 2022

Large – 56” x 79” Unframed,
71” x 94” Framed – Edition of 12
Standard - 37” x 52” Unframed,
52” x 67” Framed - Edition of 12

Whilst the Wild West was no doubt a heavily mythologized era, there can be no doubt that both the level of wanton violence and whiskey consumption were for real. They also, no doubt, played off each other and my sense is that in the colder frontier towns, the relationship was even tighter.

Scouting for sites around the Crazy Mountain Ranch in Montana, I saw some potential with this angle outside the old saloon, if I chose to compress the depth a little. It is though the wolf that makes the photograph; those eyes have an unmistakable intent. Focus is the most important verb in my kind of photography as it serves to either deliberately include or deliberately exclude. In this way, the viewer is directed without the wider contextual story being lost.

My cowboy - Ryan Marshall - does not need to do much more than stand there to add to the image; he may be way out of the focal plane, but we all know exactly the kind of character he is playing. This looks like a formidable saloon

~ David Yarrow

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