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Aviary Classic Earrings

Aviary Classic Earrings

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These handcrafted earrings are made of natural and composite coral, turquoise and horn set in 18 kt yellow gold vermeil with flower detail.
* 7 cm
* For Pierced Ears
* Made in Italy
* Custom Variations Available

A small treasure found amidst Grandma’s belongings inspired the Aviary Collection. The tiny charm prompted a memory of her feeding our breakfast table crumbs to the birds every morning in Montauk. We used to tease her and say that whenever the birds would visit we would feel her presence. And so these earrings originated from a playful desire to create a graceful reminder of a loved one, a friend, or a personal memory. Working with artisans in Italy, we combined delicate handicraft with fantasy to produce these surprising works of art. As it happens, the earrings may provoke someone to glance for a little bit too long or strike up a conversation. You will not go unnoticed.

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