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Persons of Interest

Persons of Interest

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Montana, USA - 2021

Large – 56” x 100” Unframed, 71” x 115” Framed – Edition of 20
Medium - 45” x 80” Unframed, 60” x 95” Framed - Edition of 8 (Signed by Ciara and Russell Wilson)
Standard - 37” x 66” Unframed, 52” x 81” Frames - Edition of 20

Even those that don’t follow the NFL, or have an interest in the performing arts, know and admire Ciara and Russell Wilson for what they stand for and what they do for others. They are both legends in their respective careers, but their legacy may lie in what they have done to champion and support good causes helping others living less than ideal lives.

For this shoot, I took the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and his wife to my favourite shooting location in the world - the Pioneer Bar - high up in the mountains of West Montana. I wanted to be in command of as much as possible and with my intimate knowledge of the location, I knew I could muster together a smorgasbord of western archetypes to complement the rock star American couple. I also know the lighting and the angles inside out. It was a home fixture for me.

My preconception was to build a vignette that lived and breathed cinema whilst playing on the importance of cultural refinement in the Wild West. To that end, I thought it would be playful to dress Russell and Ciara in black tie so as to accentuate the narrative. Finding the extras was easy - they are mostly drinking buddies.

There are no weak characters in this shot; there is simply no room for them. In fashioning together so many ethnicities, I hope his photograph celebrates the diversity of America and reminds us that the pursuit of the American Dream was, and is, inclusive.

Revlon Ambassadors have been filmed in many locations, but perhaps none offer the storied past of the Pioneer Bar. Ciara smashed this look, but I soon discovered, she kind of smashes every look.

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