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Prayer Chant

Prayer Chant

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Since the very origins of human consciousness, there is evidence that humans understood the concept of future, and sought to influence it to improve their chances of survival. Using animal helping spirits to carry prayers and messages to the highest power is a practice found in every culture throughout time. The intervention of holy men/shamans/medicine men to enhance spiritual connection is a tradition practiced by cultures worldwide as a very sacred ritual. Summoning these spirits in times of crisis (whether in healing, hunting, battle, etc. ) to carry prayers to the highest deity was seen as a matter of life and death. I chose to create a holy man based on what I have been most familiar…..a Native American from my own continent. The Oglala Sioux medicine men were the subjects of several historical books about Black Elk and Crazy Horse that influenced me decades ago, so I selected this tribe. This seemed like the right sculpture to express my feelings about the significance of seers and wisdom keepers through my art. To me, in an era when we are facing global environmental concerns and are not so in tune with the natural world, it is prudent to recall how mankind has traditionally handled overwhelming challenges. In this sculpture, this holy man is in a prayer trance, using chanting, drumming, and wafting the smoke of burning sage over himself, by using his eagle prayer fan, in order to reach the state of consciousness that puts him in touch with helping spirits. In this altered state, he can appeal to these helpers and divine powers for aid in facing troubled times.


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