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Sundance Horses

Sundance Horses

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Original Painting ~ Acrylic on Canvas. Frame is a gold shadow box that adds 1.5" to each side.

48" x 60"

 “I had this canvas for a couple of years. At first, it was just two horses and they seemed to be floating. But they needed riders. I added one rider, then another horse, and finally two more riders. I had fun doing this painting. The position of their heads in relation to the top of the canvas, leaning forward slightly, adds to the sense of motion. With the inverted U’s on his small shield, the rider on the white horse is telling us how many horses he has captured from the enemy. The white stripes on his arms and legs represent the medicine he obtained from his totem after his vision quest and fasting. These warriors are young. They are deeply connected to their horses, using only one rein. Their horses almost seem to be dancing.”

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