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Three Absalooke War Leaders

Three Absalooke War Leaders

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30 x 40  Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas

“These three are going out to scout at night. Some larger tribes would refrain from going out at night, but the Crow would … they’d patrol all night and return in the morning. They would go in groups and take the younger ones with them. The camp needed a lot of care and attention, and the younger ones needed to learn the role of protection … it wasn’t always about war but the care of the people. In any culture, people are protecting their area, their land, their horses, and their families. It’s the same for the Crow. Older warriors would stay closer to the immediate camp with some of the younger ones, the experienced ones helping keep the energy of the younger ones in check. A second group would be farther out to guard the horses. A third group would go even further. Always protecting, scouting, and communicating with each other.” - Kevin Red Star

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