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Road to New Mexico I

Road to New Mexico I

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Size: 16 x 19 Medium: Watercolor

Part of a unique series by Livingston; less structure, no gridwork. Yet, with just a few strokes of the brush, she deftly captures the this New Mexico landscape with insight and depth.

A native of Houston, Annell Livingston has lived in Taos, New Mexico since 1994. She is most well-known for her hard-edged horizontal, vertical, and diagonal gridded neo op art paintings that are filled with a multitude of hand painted gouache shapes. These abstract works offer a lively balance between the geometric and organic as variances of value and hue subtly shift through rigid linear compositions. When she looks up from her work or out the studio windows in any direction, the sky, Taos Mountain and the surrounding landscape provide her with constant inspiration.

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