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Terrapin Totem

Terrapin Totem

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12" x 8" x 7"

The intent of totems, as created by ancient cultures from all parts of the globe, is to cultivate a spiritual connection that helps guide us to meet challenges we face, and to the realization of our authentic self by tapping into the mystical powers of the natural elements around us.

This totem has the Terrapin (which is the type of turtle that inhabits both land and water) as its foundation. Often representing Mother Earth, turtles are in many creation legends and myths and are symbolic of perseverance against all odds, patience, and long life.

Frogs have been always inextricably tied to the bringing of rain and good fortune. In some cultures, tiny frogs are carved to be carried in one’s pocket to assure prosperity.

The snail carries on its back a spiraled shell. The significance of the spiral symbolizes a long spiritual journey, but when in conjunction with the protective shell, implies the strong spiritually as a force against adversity.

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