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The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys

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Dallas, Texas, USA – 2020
LARGE 56” x 91”  Framed:  71” x 106”

STANDARD 37” x 60”  Framed:  52” x 75”

This is Dallas - the Big D. Everything is big in Texas and therefore creative ideas should be big too. We wondered whether anyone had tried to photograph the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and working cowboys with their longhorn cattle in the same shot. Further still, we wondered whether it had ever been done in downtown Dallas in the middle of the day?

Once I have an idea in my head, I am like a dog with a bone - I will not let it go until all possible angles have been exhausted to make it happen. Dallas did happen and there are so many people I would like to thank.

I start with Shawn Todd - who helped close down the East Quarter of Dallas that he is redeveloping. Then I must thank The Dallas Cowboys franchise, in particular, Kelli Finglass, the Director of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and of course all the girls themselves.

Also, I must thank many of my friends in Dallas who came along and lent support. Bill Hill - the former District Attorney of Dallas; Troy Aikman, the iconic quarterback for the Cowboys; Steve Stodghill and his wife Anne who have done so much for me in the city and of course JD and Lea Miller of Samuel Lynne Gallery who represent me in the city. This was a real team effort.

But thank you most of all to the Dallas Police Department for making it all possible. ~ David Yarrow

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