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Aspen, Colorado - 2023

LARGE. 56” x 73” Unframed 71” x 88” Framed Edition of 12

STANDARD. 37” x 48” Unframed 52” x 63” Framed Edition of 12

There is no doubt that Aspen is the most notorious, scandal ridden ski resort in the world. Its mere name evokes imagery of heavy partying, glamour and celebrities, which is a little unfair on all those that go up the hill from Glenwood Springs simply to ski. Good things have happened in the town, but so have many bad things, which makes it delicious material for the Storyteller.

70 years after the silver market burst at the turn of the century, Aspen boomed bigger and louder than it ever had before. It was a freewheeling bohemian paradise with rock and roll as important to its very essence as skiing itself. The question was not as much which area to ski, but whether to hang with The Eagles, John Denver or Jimmy Buffett.

By the early 70s The J Bar at the storied Jerome Hotel was firmly established as a drinking venue and I have heard stories of bartenders turning a blind eye to high profile figures brazenly doing lines of coke off the counter in broad daylight. It was in keeping with the vibe of the era that Hunter Thompson ran for sheriff and was taken seriously. The rich and famous ran amok in Aspen.

I desperately wanted to take a photograph in a prominent place in Aspen that looked as if it had been taken in the hipster days of the early 70s. The car was sourced by connected locals and Nicole Allowitz’s styling of Kate Bock and Josie Canseco was - as always - on point. But I needed a little more and the heavy snowfall give me the chance to make the background timeless.

This could be 1973 and what a time everyone must have had, if only they could remember. ~ David Yarrow

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